Church Movie Night

Are you ready to host a movie night for your community at your church featuring, THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD?

Awesome! All you need is our Exhibition License. Digital HD Files of our movie are only licensed for home or personal viewing. An exhibition license is required to show The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold at your church, ministry, school, business, local theater or other location or to any organization. Host special congregational events, ministry-specific showings, or open your doors widely for the opportunity to make an impact in your community.

The License Only option should be selected if you already own a copy of the film and you only need the license to legally show it. When this option is selected, your license will be emailed to you, and nothing will ship to you, as you already have a copy of the film you can use for your event. The price of the license remains the same, as you are paying for the license, not the movie.

Licenses are based on a church’s average weekend attendance (not on the possible size of the viewing audience). All other organizations are covered by the Standard license fee.

Licenses are good for unlimited showings for one year from purchase date.

Small License Only (1-100 people) – $99 Buy This

Standard License Only (101-1000 people) – $199 Buy This

Large License Only (1000+ people) – $299 Buy This

Here are ways you can utilize the film:

Church Event: Let the movie touch the lives of people in your church and your community. A Movie Event is great for the entire church, or for a Sunday School event.

Outreach Ministry: Bring the film to jail, rehab or a homeless shelter and show the film and do ministry after.

Seminars: Use it as a tool to introduce people to deliverance ministry. Show it opening night and follow it up with 1-2 days of guest speakers.

Licenses are not needed to show the film in your home. However if you are not a church organization and would like to show the film at your facility please choose the Standard license fee.

While you cannot charge for tickets, you can take an offering and make your, THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD Movie Event, a fundraising event!

Movie Not Included with License. You can purchase a Digital Copy of the film right here! – $9.99 Buy This

Share with us the impact of your event so we can celebrate with you!