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Join our family as we create media that empowers artists and impacts audiences by partnering with Jesus! Our movie, The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold, including all our bonus material is available today! (Movie, Workbook, License for Church Movie Night, Posters, Trailers, Behind The Scenes, Bloopers and More!) For a minimum subscription of $25 a month you’ll have access to every digital product we’ve created, with new productions added monthly! OR “Name a fair price” to contribute any amount over $25 to fund our current movie production, 50 members contributing $100 or more a month keeps the cameras rolling and the lights on! 200 members contributing $1,000 a year will fund our entire feature film!

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Host a Highwater Movie Small Group in your home! In this package you will receive April’s Workbook and our Movie! When you “Name a fair price” and contribute any amount above $100 you will help fund our next movie production! (This is a one time contribution.)

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