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We want to hear how this film impacted you! Were you saved, healed or delivered? Did you learn something new about Jesus? Tell us your story so we can celebrate with you! Then join with us to share THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD with the world!

    Contact us to invite Team Stronghold to minister to your church, jail, homeless and rehab ministries! Denise Reed of Lily of Hope Global, our inspiration for our film, is a dynamic speaker who graduated from Todd White’s Lifestyle Christianity in May 2021. Her desire is to bring hope to all! She wrote a book about her encounter with Jesus. It’s a great tool to share the gospel: Transformed by His Love and Fire: A True-Life Redemption Story. Ben Charles played himself in the film and brings a lifetime of knowledge doing ministry on the streets, jails, bars and homeless camps. Wayne and Marilyn Gray of Freedomtrain Ministries are experts in deliverance ministry and mentored filmmakers Seth and April Himes and are the reason why this topic was even explored on film. Blair and Rochelle Gordon, producers as well as personal deliverance ministers bring wisdom and encouragement wherever they go! April Himes, producer, is a gifted teacher who authored the The Deliverance Lifestyle, available on digital and paperback that accompanies the movie and dives deep into personal deliverance ministry. Seth is a story teller who loves to encourage other artists in their craft! Seth and April own and operate Highwater Entertainment and can help you plant a movie ministry in your church!

    We would love to partner with you in ministry. Contact us today!

    Inspired by the deliverance of Denise Reed!